Wensheng Chen has over 8 years of experience in software development working on micro service and multi-tier client-server architecture applications. He is comfortable working independently with minimum supervision, as well as a team player; Wensheng has excellent design, implementation, testing, profiling, and debugging skills.

Technical Skills:

  • Language: Modern JavaScript w/ arrow function & async await, TypeScript, SASS/CSS3, PHP7, Java, Swift, Python
  • Framework: Vue.js, Express.js, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, Laravel, Zend Framework, Magento
  • Knowledge: Web Development, REST API, Responsive Web Design, System Design, Web Performance, SEO
  • OS: MacOS, Linux/Unix, Windows
  • Cloud: Heroku, AWS (EC2/RDS/S3/ELB/CloudFront/Lambda/SES/CloudWatch/Glacier)
  • Version Control: Git, Subversion
  • Tools: Jenkins, Node.js, NPM, Redis, MemCached, Apache, Nginx, Composer, Docker, WHM/cPanel
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Methodology: Agile, Scrum

Please see my LinkedIn profile for an up to date resume.